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Why Does A Heat Pump Need Maintenance Twice a Year?

If you have a heat pump system, you know that it offers heating and cooling all in one. While it’s a huge benefit to not have separate heating and cooling systems, this also means that you have to invest in more frequent maintenance.

Your heat pump needs service twice annually; once after the summer season is over, and another time after the winter season is over. If you’re ready to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Denison, TX, for your heat pump, our team is here to help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about why scheduling biannual maintenance is so crucial for your heat pump. 

All-In-One System

Some HVAC systems are two different units that work together using the same thermostat. A heat pump is not a combination of two completely separate systems. Instead, a heat pump is one single system that can operate in both heating and cooling modes. Because of this, those heat pump components are taking on twice the strain by operating year round. 

If you had a separate heater and air conditioner, you would schedule annual maintenance for each of those systems. So, you’re really not spending any more on annual maintenance for your heat pump than you would otherwise. You’re just making the investment in a single system instead of two different systems. 

Invest in Peace of Mind

You cannot put a price on being able to breathe easily because you know your home’s largest appliance is in great condition. Air conditioner worries can really cause a lot of stress, but scheduling maintenance every six months is a great way to have the peace of mind that your heat pump is in the best condition it can possibly be in. You know that surprise problems are less likely to pop up since your system is extremely well cared for.

Invest in Longevity

When you schedule maintenance twice per year for your heat pump, you are making an investment in the overall lifespan. You can expect your heat pump to last you for around 10-15 years on average but that estimate only applies to heat pumps that are maintained twice a year. It’s also an investment that means your heat pump will maintain energy efficiency across its entire lifespan, instead of costing you more and more on energy bills as time goes on.  

Heat Pump Care Tips

There are other steps that you can take as a homeowner to ensure that your heat pump stays in great condition and works with optimal efficiency. First, you can change the air filter every single month on time. This is a great way to prevent dust and dirt from getting into the system and clogging up parts.

You can also turn your heat pump system completely off when the weather is milder outside. Whether you turn it off for a few hours at a time or a few days at a time, it all adds up. This rest gives your heat pump the chance to take a much-needed break that it does not get running 24/7.

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