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A Ceiling Fan Is Absolutely Worth It

When you think of a ceiling fan, you might not think of it as much of a useful appliance when you already have an air conditioning system installed. Unfortunately, many homeowners take their ceiling fans for granted and do not realize how useful this simple and low-tech appliance can be. We are not trying to tell you that a ceiling fan is a substitute for your air conditioner – there is no comparison between the two.

However, that does not mean your ceiling fan is useless. In case you have been wondering whether your ceiling fan is worth it, we will tell you why this can be an amazing appliance to use. And if you need electricians in Carrollton, TX, to handle any air conditioning-related services, you can always contact us.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Here are several benefits that ceiling fans offer which make them worth having installed inside your house.

Reduced Energy Costs

Ceiling fans have nothing to do with actually cooling down a room, but they can reduce cooling costs with your air conditioner. Ceiling fans circulate air throughout the room much better, making your room feel cooler. If you use a ceiling fan, you can turn up the thermostat by a few degrees and save more on your utility bills without feeling uncomfortable or hot. Since ceiling fans use a fraction of the energy that air conditioners do, using them to keep a space cooler rather than relying on lower thermostat settings can result in significant savings.

It Is An Excellent Supplement for Winter and Summer

You can use ceiling fans to supplement your HVAC system in any season. Improved air circulation through a ceiling fan can help reduce the indoor temperature by three or four degrees in the summer. You can also use the clockwise rotation during winter months to distribute warm air through the room and keep the room a few degrees warmer.

You Can Use Them As Back Up For Cooling

While ceiling fans will never replace air conditioners, they can work as an excellent backup. In case your air conditioner ever breaks down or stops working, you can turn on your ceiling fan at full speed to lower the temperature of a room and make it cooler. Of course, you will still need to get your air conditioner fixed to enjoy truly cool and comfortable indoor temperatures, but a ceiling fan can still help you stay relatively cooler if your AC ever stops working.

Invest in a New Ceiling Fan Installation With Our Experts

If you would like to install a ceiling fan in your home or have AC problems you need an expert to fix, you can contact us at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning. Our expert technicians can handle all your home’s cooling problems and even expertly install ceiling fans to help you enjoy the benefits these appliances offer.

Call Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning today. Get it done right… Right now!

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