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The 3 Signs of a Failing AC

If your air conditioner has been working hard this summer, then chances are it’s under a lot of stress. AC systems can be run heavily when things in our area get hot, and due to some of the temperature spikes and weather this summer, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of our customers were dealing with struggling systems.

Unfortunately, there are two types of struggling air conditioners in Plano, TX. There are AC units that just need to be fixed by a professional, and ones that are showing signs that they’re almost to the point of breaking down entirely. That might be a simple difference to us, but it can actually be hard to spot from a customer’s perspective.

We’ve taken this blog post to show you 3 signs that might signal your air conditioner getting ready to retire. And, in the case that this happens to you, our team is standing by to help!

Poor Comfort Capacity

First of all, we want to be clear that an air conditioner that’s working is probably less likely to retire this year than one that’s not. Especially a system that’s working well. When you step into your home and take a deep breath, do you feel the cool comfort of an air-conditioned home? If so, then your AC might be fine, and any other problems might just need a repair.

Most air conditioners that are starting to fail will start showing this in their comfort performance. If your AC system isn’t able to handle meeting the temperature set on your thermostat, even if it’s very mild, then your system might just be on its way out.

Grinding, Shrieking, or Other Loud Noises

Some noises, like hissing, bubbling, or rattling, can signify the need for repair. Things like refrigerant leaks, broken components, and other problems can be fixed by a professional and your system can return to cooling your home. However, some noises like loud grinding or shrieking, signify a compressor failure, and that’s a different story.

If you’re starting to get signs that your system’s compressor is failing, your best option might be a full system replacement. The compressor is like the heart of the air conditioner, and it’s also the most expensive component to replace. Sometimes the cost of replacing a compressor can be around the same cost as replacing the unit entirely!

Age, Condition, and Maintenance

Of course there are many other factors to consider when evaluating how close your system is to retirement. For instance, if your system is beyond 10 years in age, or approaching that point, then it’s likely not designed to last any longer.

Or, if your system is in poor condition due to lack of routine maintenance, then it might wear down faster than a unit that’s been well-maintained, adjusted, and inspected. We don’t want to fault anyone for their decisions over the past few years, but these are just realities of the technology and the industry. Just call our team to evaluate your system and we’ll give you a professional opinion.

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