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Why Should You Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?


Air conditioning maintenance is a bit like a tune-up on your car. It doesn’t require a specific problem to address and it can usually be conducted in a comparatively short amount of time. The technician arrives and gives your system a close look, correcting any little problems along the way.

That can include things like clogged filters, dust on the components and loose bolts that cause their components to rattle in their housings. It also entails a close look for any signs of more serious problems that may cause a breakdown in the future. If such an issue is spotted, it lets the homeowner schedule a formal repair session, and often repairs can take place immediately provided the technician has the right equipment for the job.

That can seem like a luxury sometimes, especially to homes with an eye on the bottom line and a budget to adhere to. But in point of fact, air conditioning maintenance can provide a lot of savings and convenience, especially in light of the heat of our Texas summers. Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits provided.

1.      Improved Efficiency

Treating all of those little problems helps the air conditioner use energy more efficiently. Moving parts won’t experience as much friction when they’re cleaned and lubricated, tightened components won’t rattle and waster energy, and the cooled air can get where it’s going much more easily if the filters get changed. That can add up to a great deal of savings on your monthly bills, when compared with similar use before the maintenance took place. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend conducting a maintenance session every year in the spring before hot temperatures start: it allows you to make maximum use of that efficiency.

2.      Early Jump on Repairs

When it comes to formal repairs, the sooner you can spot the problem, the better. If the air conditioner breaks down unexpectedly, it’s usually spotted while it’s running, which means you need it to keep the house cool. That means a lot of running around to get the issue fixed as quickly as possible. Maintenance sessions let you spot the problem early and correct it at your leisure, instead of being induced by necessity. In addition, that often reduces to cost of the repairs, since the damage hasn’t had as much time to spread. (It’s faster and cheaper to replace one small part than an entire component.)

3.      Longevity

When applied regularly (once a year or so) throughout the life of your system, maintenance sessions can do a great deal to combat wear and tear. That often leads to a longer lifespan for your system, allowing it to function normally for months or years after the warranty expires. When factoring in the costs of replacing an air conditioner, this can mean hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars in long-term savings.

If you haven’t scheduled maintenance for your Richardson, TX home in the last 12 months, contact the pros at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning to make an appointment!

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