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Spot the Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Repairs

The trouble with water heaters is that they do their jobs quietly and in out-of-the way parts of your Frisco, TX house. As long as hot water comes out of the taps, most people don’t worry much about it, focusing on more pressing issues around the home or the daily juggle or job and family. Unfortunately, that often means that a water heater problem can sneak up on you, turning a simple repair job into  something much more expensive.

The best way to prevent such surprises is to schedule a timely maintenance session at least once or twice a year from a qualified plumber. Beyond that, you should watch carefully for signs of trouble with your water heater, then summon a plumber the minute you spot them. Such issues can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Gurgling sounds in the tank, usually caused by water moving through sediment at the bottom.
  • Puddles forming around the base of the tank, which usually indicates a leak in the tank
  • Rust or discolored water emerging from the faucets when you turn on the hot water: a sign that the sides of the tank have become rusted or corroded.
  • Higher monthly bills caused by inefficiency or a faulty component.
  • Hot water that runs out much faster than you’d normally expect, usually either a problem with the burner or an issue like sediment insulating the water in the tank from the system’s heat source.
  • Water that isn’t as hot as you’d expect. Again, this is often a problem with the burners, or with something keeping the heat from transferring to the water in the tank.

Because water heater issues tend to get worse the longer they go unaddressed, you need to move on them quickly. Call Hutchins Plumbing and Air Conditioning today to get a professional team on the issue!

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