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Is It Time to Go Tankless?

The best part about working with reliable brands of water heaters, is that we know just how different a tank water heater can be from a tankless system. While many homeowners may decide on a whim or on what system is cheaper to install, they often don’t know the intricate differences between the two systems.

So, today we’d like to talk about the major differences between a tankless and tank water heater system, how they might affect your bills differently, and begin to explore which system might be right for you! Water heaters in Plano, TX can be quite an investment, resulting in a decision that lasts for a decade or more. This is not the time to make a hasty decision.

Saddle up, because we’re going to do our background research before coming to a conclusion as to which water heater is right for you.

How They Work

A tank water heater is self-explanatory, which is why so many homeowners already know how these systems work. Water is heated via a gas burner or electric coil, that is then kept heated within a large tank. When you use your hot water, it is drawn from the water tank until it is depleted and must be reheated and refilled. Makes sense, right?

Well, a tankless water heater takes the tank part out of the equation. By using a gas burner to heat up water as it is piped through the heater, a tankless water heater provides unlimited hot water that doesn’t need to be stored in a tank. This means you can forget about the time it would take for a tank to refill, or the amount of energy you usually spend on keeping a tank heated.

Advantages of a Tankless System

While we’re all mostly used to using a tank water heater, we’d like to go into the specifics of a tankless water heating system. As we mentioned earlier, it provides almost unlimited heated water that doesn’t need to be taken from a tank. This means you’ll have as much hot water as your system allows, and no matter how many family members are taking showers or using appliances, you’ll never run out of hot water.

Since you’ll be avoiding having to heat a water tank, you’ll save money on the standby costs as well as just general efficiency increases since tankless systems run more efficiently than tank water heaters. Tankless systems don’t have as much contact with water as tank water heaters, so you’ll also deal with less corrosion and a longer lifespan as well!

Disadvantages of a Tankless System

We mentioned that you’d have as much hot water as your system allows, because your tankless water heater will need to be sized to your home accurately. Since it’s all coming from one pipe system, your water pressure could begin to suffer if you use too many appliances at once. Not only that, but tankless water heaters run a bit more expensive than their tank water heating counterparts.

Ultimately, it’s your decision on which water heater will work best for you and your family.

If you’re interested in a tankless water heating system, contact Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning today. Get it done… right now!

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