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Is Heater Maintenance Really Necessary?


Heating season is upon us, and you are increasingly reliant on your furnace for keeping you comfortable. But is heater maintenance really necessary to ensure that your heater works? Heating maintenance does offer a lot of benefits that you can’t get any other way. It also helps your heater work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

If you’re wondering what exactly heater maintenance in Allen, TX, entails, give our team a call or keep reading. Sure, your heater will keep working (for now) if you don’t invest in heater maintenance, but eventually, you’ll have to call for repairs instead of making an easier call for regular maintenance. 

Benefits of Heating Maintenance

When you invest in service for your furnace, it’s an investment in your comfort as well as the longevity of your heater. The average gas heater lifespan is anywhere from 15-20 years while the average electric heater lifespan is 20-30 years. However, these estimates are for heaters that have been maintained on a regular basis. To put it simply, your heater won’t last as long without maintenance as it would with maintenance. In fact, it may last less than 15 years. 

Once heater problems begin, they can snowball quickly into more complex problems. Wear and tear can add up, and no amount of repairs or maintenance can fix the damage that is already done by that point. But when you do invest in annual heater maintenance, your heater can last for its expected lifespan. 

Less Chance of Repair

Your heater will naturally wear down over time. But maintenance helps you prevent wear and tear by ensuring your heater is always in great shape. Screws are tightened and parts are lubricated. If something does go wrong with your heater, we’ll have the opportunity to catch it early before damage spreads within the system. 

Energy Savings

Without heater maintenance, your heater will lose about 5% of its efficiency per year. That means that your energy bills will slowly creep up in price over time until they are so high that you’ll be forced to address any problems. Annual tune-ups help your heater maintain its energy efficiency so you can save money on your energy bills over the life of the unit. If you save just 10% on energy costs over 15 or 20 years, that adds up quickly. 

Enhanced Safety

In addition to comfort and energy benefits, your heater is also much safer when it is well maintained. Gas-powered heaters pose risks of gas leaks. You can get very sick if you breathe in carbon monoxide from a gas leak. Plus, the gas poses a fire hazard since it is highly flammable. 

And electric heaters pose similar risks. Wiring can wear down over time and connections can weaken. This can also pose fire hazards for your home. But heating maintenance is an annual opportunity to check gas lines and wiring for any weaknesses that need to be repaired or addressed. 

Get it done right… Right now! Schedule an appointment today for heating maintenance and invest in your heating system.

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