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Things to Check for to See if You Have a Plumbing Leak

Plumbing has undergone a lot of changes in the thousands of years since it was first invented, but somethings never change. Take leaks, for example. We may have developed more efficient, longer lasting pipes and ways to connect them that can hold for decades, but wear and tear is just the same now as it was in the Roman days, and sooner or later, your system is going to spring a leak.

Luckily, there’s professional plumbers on your side armed with the latest tools and tricks to get rid of this age-old problem. We serve homes throughout the Sherman, TX area, and can get there in a flash to spare you any unnecessary waiting time. But before we can do that, you need to know that you have a leak in the first place. Sometimes, it’s very obvious, such as coming downstairs to find water all over your kitchen floor. Other times, however, it can be very subtle, requiring a little detective work on your end. Here are some common signs to look out for.

  • Puddles and Soft Spots. Leaking water may leave puddles in strange places — including your yard — and leaks in the walls can often lead to soft spots as well.
  • High Bills.  High bills can signal a leak in a hidden part of the house, including from an underground pipe that might leave no signs of a problem.
  • Sounds of Running or Dripping Water. Larger leaks will create dripping or even running water in places where you never would have expected.
  • Low Water Pressure. Leaks divert water from the faucets or outlets for which it is intended. In some case, you can spot the signs of a problem simply by noticing that the water emerging from the affected outlet isn’t flowing as strongly as you’d expect.

The minute you detect these signs, shut the water off in your home and call in Hutchins Plumbing and Air Conditioning!

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