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Hydro Jetting Takes Care of Stubborn Clogs

hydro-jetting-clogPlumbing clogs are a big issue during the holidays. The end of the year comes with some very big meals, and yet because we’re so busy, we don’t always have time to watch what we flush down the drain.

When you add Thanksgiving, Christmas and other get-togethers on top of each other — complete with natural clog-forming materials like hot fat from meat and potato peelings, and you might very easily fight yourself with a stubborn clog in your plumbing just when you need it the least. The same holds true for bathroom fixtures, which see a lot of extra use during big holiday parties and family get-togethers.The go-to solution for such problems is to simply purchase a drain cleaner at the grocery store, or maybe a plumbing snake at the local home improvement center. Generally speaking, however, these methods rarely do the job. Store-bought solutions adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. They can usually open up the drain but lave the clog partially intact. That means it will reform a short time later, forcing you to use the same half-way solution over and over again. If you’ve had to deal with the same stubborn clog multiple times this holiday season, that might be what you’re dealing with.

Calling in a professional, on the other hand, means using high-end tools and techniques that not only clear away the clogs, but provide good value for your money by scouring the whole pipe clean. Hydro jetting is an ideal way to handle those issues the right way.

What Is It?

Hydro jetting involves a specialized hose, fitted over the affected drain, which fires powerful bursts of water down the pipe to clear away the clog. The system is expensive and requires special training, which is why only professional plumbers use it. (Water expelled at that pressure can be dangerous without the proper skills.) But it is an amazingly effective way of clearing away the clog properly, with nothing left behind to reform.

The water pulses literally blast away the clog, using focused, repeated pulses to pound away even the most stubborn material. In so doing, it removes the entire clog, not just enough to let water flow through. That means the clog won’t return a short while later, and your drains will stay clear. Even better, hydro jetting can remove other clogs that may be forming elsewhere in the pipe — cleaning out the entire length of pipe instead of just one section. And because it uses water for its power, it causes absolutely no harm to the pipes themselves. (Unlike cleansers which can weaken them or snakes that can scratch them.

Best of all, because the hoses use only water, the operation is very good for the environment, while still cleaning out the clogs and letting your plumbing system get back to normal.

If you have a stubborn clog in your pipes here in Richardson, TX and hydro jetting sounds like a great solution, then call the team at Hitchins’ Plumbing & Air Conditioning today to make an appointment!

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