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3 Secret Advantages of a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal systems might seem like a luxury, until you witness the terrible state of most kitchen drains in our area. People send food waste and other contaminants down the drain to the point where they’re experiencing a clog every year when a garbage disposal could help reduce this number substantially. We’re not here to convince you to buy a garbage disposal, we’re just here to change your perspective on these systems a little bit. They’re not as much a luxury as they are a high-tech solution to a problem we experience every year.

Don’t try and invest in a garbage disposal without the help of professional plumbing in McKinney, TX. Our team specializes in the setup and maintenance of these kinds of systems, so you’ll be in good hands going forward. Just remember that the more you know about this technology, the easier a decision might be.

We all know that garbage disposal systems are convenient, but we’d be lying if we said that’s all they are. These systems provide a whole heap of benefits that homeowners might not be aware of. Take a look!

1. It Reduces Carbon Emissions and Waste

While it’s important to separate solid waste from liquid waste in the realm of your drain, there are some benefits to grinding up waste so that it can be flushed down your drain properly. For starters, this reduces the amount of trash you end up with, which in turn saves on carbon costs because municipal trash vehicles are burning less fuel to transport all that waste from your home. So that’s a small win.

Also, when food waste goes to a landfill, it can often sit there and decompose over years while ruining the environment around it. When food waste particles are flushed down the drain safely, thanks to a garbage disposal, they can end up in a water treatment facility that uses a combination of high-tech waste decomposing systems, as well as microorganisms to consume your food waste and clean the water as a result. It’s a more environmentally friendly solution when you use a garbage disposal!

2. It’s Energy Efficient

The energy that a garbage disposal system consumes to process your waste is minimal compared to the energy it would otherwise take to transport it to your trash or a landfill. You should see minimal costs in your electricity bill for these kinds of systems, in the same way that you’d see minimal costs for a pencil sharpener or a light fixture. They’re efficient and effective for what they do.

3. It Protects Your Plumbing

Solid food waste can do a number on your plumbing system. This then turns into repair costs and drain cleaning costs that you end up paying for in the long run. By investing in a garbage disposal, you’re helping preserve the good condition of your plumbing system and your drains so you have to deal with less maintenance down the road. Basically, garbage disposal systems are the first line of defense in helping keep your drains safe and clear.

Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning can help provide you with a garbage disposal system. Get it done right… Right now!

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