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Here’s What a Whole-House Humidifier Will Do For You

relaxed-womanWe know what high humidity feels like in summer. It makes your skin feel warm and moist. You can get out of a cold shower, dry yourself off, and immediately feel like you’re sweating still.

On the other end of the humidity scale, you have excessively dry air. The effects of dry air are a bit understated, though, in comparison to high humidity. In this post, we’ll go over why installing a device to raise your humidity is a great idea for raising comfort and protecting your health. If you think a humidifier is for you, a qualified indoor air quality expert in Plano, TX can assess your air’s quality and make a recommendation.

Increased Comfort

First and foremost, you’re probably looking into a humidifier because of the comfort it can provide. We probably don’t have to sell you much on the idea of it. If you’ve ever suffered from excessively dry skin, throat, and even experienced nose bleeds because of it, you can imagine how correcting the humidity levels will improve comfort.

But we’d like to add a lesser-known fact: moisture in the air can actually help you feel warmer in winter.

Just recall how much hotter your body feels in summer due to high humidity. The same principle applies all year-round, so you can get away with knocking the heater down a couple degrees thanks to the warming effect of humidity.

A Much Better Experience Than a Portable Humidifier

Have you ever had to use a portable humidifier? We’re sorry you had to go through that, but we can assure you that a whole-house humidifier is much better.

A portable humidifier has several limitations like the fact it can only humidify one room at a time, the need to constantly refill its water tank, and that you constantly need to check it for bacteria and mineral buildup.

Another big drawback of a humidifier—one that’s not commonly brought up—is that some portable devices can’t detect the humidity levels. They’ll simply keep blowing mist periodically, potentially going overboard.

A whole-house humidifier eliminates all of these issues since it’s installed directly in the HVAC system. It’s integrated with the thermostat and will operate by detecting humidity levels. In some cases, they actually require even less power to run than a portable humidifier.

Better Protection Against Illness

While a whole-house humidifier doesn’t eliminate bacteria or microorganisms from your air, what it can do is fortify your natural immune system from getting an infection in the first place. You see, it’s not actually the cold air that makes us susceptible to illness in winter—it’s the lack of moisture.

Our sinuses need a certain level of moisture to properly resist illness. If the air is too dry, you run a higher risk of contracting a nasal of throat infection. A whole-house humidifier will help regulate your levels at all times, especially when you’re sleeping and need it the most.

Does your home need a humidifier? We can do a thorough inspection of your to determine your indoor air quality needs. Contact Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning today to schedule a service.

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