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Is Your Electrical System in Trouble?

A problem with your home’s electrical system is a serious matter. At best, it could result in a loss of electricity. At worst, it could start a fire. We see all manner of electrical problems here in Sherman, TX, from vermin chewing on wiring to overloaded circuits. But all of them require the services of a trained technician to treat, and you can’t call in an electrician until you know that there’s a problem. Lights that won’t turn on or appliances that won’t run even after you’ve checked the breaker box are an obvious sign of trouble.  But there are more subtle signs you can learn to spot as well. They can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Buzzing Noises. If an outlet or electrical appliance emits a buzz, chances are there’s a big problem. Turn off power to the affected outlets and call in a repair service.
  • Sparks. Sparks are another obvious sign of serious trouble. In some cases, it can be the electrical system itself that is to blame.
  • Dimming or Flickering Lights. Lights make an excellent way to check for electricity problems because you can spot them dimming or flickering when the power becomes intermittent.
  • Breakers. If the breakers in a given outlet keep getting flipped, it means there’s a power overload in the electrical wiring. Again, this might be caused by an appliance plugged into the pertinent outlet, but if it isn’t you’ve likely got an electrical problem.
  • Smells. Odd odors can indicate burning electrical components, especially if it’s smoke.
  • Hot Outlets. The outlet itself may get a little warm when it’s being used, but it it’s hot to the touch, or warmer than the surrounding wall without anything plugged into it, there’s likely a problem with the wiring.

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