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3 Strange Electrical Problems You Need an Electrician For

There are electrical problems, and then there are serious electrical problems. Some issues are just so strange that you might not believe they are possible until they happen to you. We get calls all the time for unusual electrical needs.

If any of the electrical work in your home is on the fritz, you need to schedule an appointment for professional service. Don’t attempt any DIY repairs yourself because you can put yourself and your home at risk. Instead, call our team for an electrician in McKinney, TX. You can keep reading to learn more about some strange electrical problems that could happen in your home, and what causes them.

Circuit Breakers

While this is not necessarily considered strange, it’s always important to check your circuit breakers before assuming that anything unusual is wrong with your home’s electrical system. There are many times that we get service calls for problems when it’s really just a tripped circuit breaker. 

Service calls cost money, and we don’t want to visit your home for anything that you can troubleshoot on your own. Of course, if you find that your circuit breakers are not the problem, we are happy to visit your home and troubleshoot further to find out why your home is experiencing a partial outage. 

Other common problems that we see include flickering lights, power being out in one section of the home, or appliances and other household equipment that will not operate correctly. These problems can be very frustrating, but our team is always here to help.

Understanding Electrical Setup

In order to understand electrical problems, it is important to understand how the wiring is set up to carry electricity to and from your home. There are transformers around the area that supply electricity to homes and businesses. Your house has a combination of wires that bring electricity into your home, as well as those that carry power back to the transformer.

The ones bringing electricity into your home are considered hot wires. They are called hot for a reason, and it is because they heat up when they are in use. This heating can result in the wires expanding. Then, when they are not in use, they shrink back down as they cool.

This constant shrinking and expanding may not seem like a big deal when you consider that the wires are fairly small. But it can mean that wires become loose sometimes and negatively impact the connections that hold them in place.

It’s also possible for these wires to get too hot and carry too much electricity, which can result in a power surge. While modern homes are designed to prevent problems from power surges, many older homes are not equipped in the same way. In fact, the older your home is, the more likely it is that you will experience electrical problems. This is especially true if your electrical panel and wiring have not been updated in recent years.


You don’t want to troubleshoot any electrical problems on your own. Instead, give our team a call and let us figure out the problem and offer you a solution. After all, wires can experience problems at your main breaker panel, at the meter base, or at the transformer itself. Electricity requires very specific handling and attempting any DIY repairs can leave your home and family at risk.

Get it done right… Right now! The team at Hutchins Plumbing and Air Conditioning is ready to help you with all your home needs – including electrical service.

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