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Why You Should Go Ductless

Air conditioning is a necessity in Plano. You don’t want to bother with a different type of AC system if it’s not going to work as well as your central air system. However, what if we told you that these new ductless mini-split systems worked better than your central air conditioner, in most cases? Does that pique your interest?

Ductless air conditioners are just that, air conditioners that function without a duct system. They’re much different than a central air conditioner. Ductless mini-splits are functional heat pumps that use refrigerant to pump the heat from inside your home and disperse it outside. The system is composed of small air handlers that connect to one large cabinet outside, allowing you to have several handlers scattered through rooms in your home.

If you’re hard-set on your central AC ways, we understand. But if you’re tired of your faulty central air conditioning in Plano, TX– read on!

The Benefits of Ductless

If you’ve made it this far, you’re in for quite the surprise. Ductless air conditioners contain many hidden benefits that most homeowners don’t often think about. They can give you custom cooling, semi-functionality amidst a breakdown, and a lower energy cost for the future.

  • Custom Cooling. With ductless mini-splits, feel free to only operate the ones that you’ll be near- creating a custom cooling experience. You can turn off the unit in your guest bedroom, keep the one in your bedroom on, and turn the one in your living room to a cooler temperature during the hottest point in the day.
  • Heat Pump System. A ductless cooling system is also a heat pump system! Just switch it into reverse and you have an electric heat pump that can keep your home cool in the winter.
  • Lower Energy Costs. Though installation fees might be higher than central air conditioning, the cost over-time for energy should lessen. Also, since it functions as a heating system, energy, maintenance, and repair costs should plummet for your heat as well.
  • Semi-functionality. Did one of your air handlers break down? No problem! Ductless mini-splits function independently from one another, which means you can still use the other ones in your home.
  • No Ductwork Necessary. This is a huge one. Ductwork can be expensive to install, invasive, and almost impossible for older or smaller homes. For these homeowners, ductless is the obvious choice.

Well, there you have it. There are a multitude of reasons to go ductless. Ductless air conditioning is becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s important we inform homeowners of the potential benefits they could be receiving if they switch AC systems.

If your home is old, you already pay too much in inefficient AC costs and your heater is broken, the installation of a ductless AC system could save you an incredible amount of money. Even if only one of these points applies to you, it might be worth it both in cost and energy savings.

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