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Sounds That Are Actually Okay for Your AC To Make


woman-holding-hand-to-ear-to-listenWhen you hear something unusual from your HVAC system, you may pick up your phone to do a quick search online. Is that HVAC sound normal, or not? Understanding what’s a normal HVAC sound can help you sort out the sounds that may be indicative of repair needs. After all, wear and tear can lead to loose components and other problems. 

If you need help troubleshooting a sound or think you need air conditioning repair in Plano, TX, give our team a call. We can inspect your unit to determine if something is wrong. We can also help you understand what normal air conditioning sounds are so you don’t feel alarmed when you hear them. 

The Compressor Humming Softly

A slow and steady hum is completely normal when your AC is heating or cooling your home. The sound should be slow and even. The humming may change when the compressor first turns on or is cycling down. Keep in mind that something may be wrong if you hear the compressor humming all the time or if it hums but doesn’t blow cold air. HVAC problems are not always loud and obvious. When you understand the difference between good and bad sounds, you’re better prepared to identify problems. 

Fans Pushing Air Through Ducts

Perhaps the loudest sound you’ll hear is the fan blowing air. This is because you can hear it through your entire home as the fan pushes air through the vents and into each room. While the fan is the loudest, it still isn’t a loud sound. It shouldn’t be distracting or cause for concern when you hear it. The sound of the fan shouldn’t disrupt what you’re doing. Instead, it is gentle and steady like the hum of the compressor. You might even call it white noise. 

Water Draining Outside

As your AC cools the air to blow into your home, it takes away some of the moisture in the air. A lot of  humidity can make the air feel heavy and hotter than it really is. By eliminating some of the moisture from the air, your home feels cooler and more comfortable. You won’t always hear water draining from the AC system, but it isn’t uncommon to hear if you’re in the right place at the right time. You can even see this water drain outside your home where the exterior portion of your unit is located.

Ductwork Rattling

The ducts that connect to your central HVAC closet are metal. When air flows through more forcefully, or when temperatures change, you may hear the metal rattle. Rattling is especially common when temperatures are changing from hot to cold or cold to hot. The metal expands and contracts through these changes. Keep in mind that any rattling shouldn’t last for long. If the sound keeps going, your metal ductwork may be loose. 

Motor Clicking On and Off

When your AC compressor cycles down to turn off, the motor makes a clicking sound as it slows down. If you hear clicking at other times it may signal that something is wrong or a part is loose. You can take time to listen to your unit once or twice as it cycles down to become familiar with the exact clicking sound of your motor so you know when something else is wrong. 


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