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Call an Air Conditioning Repair Service for Short Cycling Problems

air-conditioning.maintenanceSpring is the ideal time to check your air conditioning system for any problems it might be experiencing. Doing so gives you a chance to deal with those problems when the weather is still relatively cool, rather than in the middle of summer when high temperatures demand you run your system every day and a repair call suddenly becomes much more difficult to deal with.

Generally speaking, anything you recognize as abnormal behavior from your air conditioner should be treated as a potential problem and prompt a call to a repair service. In particular, look for a condition known as short cycling, where the air conditioner runs for a very short amount of time, then shuts off, on to turn on again a brief time later and repeat the process. It may not sound like a whole lot, but in fact it’s a very serious condition requiring professional attention to address.

Why Is It a Problem?

Air conditioners use far more power turning on and turning off than they do simply running. Fan motors and similar devices require a lot of power to get up to speed, and devices with moving parts experience stress and friction as they “fire up.” The same holds true when your air conditioner turns off after it’s run: friction is applied to moving parts as they slow to and stop, and the air conditioner must consume more energy in the process.

Contrast that with those times when the air conditioner is actively running. It takes much less energy to keep all those parts moving, which means that the air conditioner performs much more efficiently. For that reason, you want your air conditioner to run for at least 15 minutes at a time in order to make the best use of the energy it consumes.

When that doesn’t happen, your monthly bills will spike, as short cycling causes the system to consume far more energy than it should. In addition, the risk of further repairs will go up as well, since the added stress and strain put on the system will add to the possibility of a breakdown. Over time, short cycling can even shorten the overall lifespan of the system, and force you to buy a new one far sooner than you should.

What Causes It?

Short cycling can have several potential causes, which is one of the reasons why a trained technician is required to do the job. In some cases, the issue stems from a correctable condition. For example, problems with the electrical wiring can cause intermittent power fluctuations, resulting in short cycling. Or an overheating component will cause the system to shut down early, then turn on again as the component cools. Those issues can be corrected by a repair technical.

Unfortunately, sometimes short cycling is caused by an overpowered air conditioner. In those cases, you usually need to replace the whole system, which is why it’s so important to get your AC properly sized before having it installed.

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