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Is Your Air Conditioner Short Cycling?

AC-toolsIf you’re asking yourself “what is short cycling?”, then this is the blog post for you!  Short cycling is a problem that affects many air conditioning systems. The good news is that short cycling does not always mean that there is a serious problem with the system.

The bad news is that sometimes, it does.

This highlights the importance of scheduling your air conditioning repairs in Sherman, TX, with skilled, trained professionals. It’s not just about resolving the problem the right way, the first time. It’s about accurately diagnosing the problem to begin with. If you want to know for certain that your technicians will get to the bottom of the situation in order to get your AC  back on track fast, then our number is the one to call.

What Is Short Cycling?

Air conditioners are not designed to run in short bursts. If yours is starting up and then running only very briefly before shutting back down, then you have a short cycling air conditioner on your hands. ACs should run in full, even cycles. Just because your air conditioner is still technically “functional” doesn’t mean that it’s functioning properly, and short cycling can cause more problems than you might realize.

What Kinds of Problems?

A huge drop in energy efficiency, for one. Remember, it takes more energy to start your air conditioning system up than it does to keep that system running consistently. That means that starting your AC from a complete stop is going to cost you more than it would to keep your air conditioner running in proper cooling cycles.

This is not only going to cause a spike in energy costs, but will also result in a subpar cooling performance.  You’ll notice that your home is not as comfortable, and chances are that your AC won’t remove as much humidity as it used to from the air, due to the shorter cooling cycles. That’s a big problem in our area.

Short cycling can also cause a lot of wear and tear on your system, increasing the risk of damages to the system. If you want to cool your home effectively and efficiently while minimizing repair needs, you need to eliminate short cycling.


In one instance, you can do so on your own. Short cycling could happen because you have a very dirty air filter in place. If this is the case, then airflow may be restricted to the point that your system is overheating. When that happens, the system can wind up shutting down to protect itself from damages.

In other cases, you’ll need professional intervention. Faulty run capacitors are a common cause of short cycling. This component maintains the power necessary to keep your AC running consistently. If it’s compromised, then your system will start up but won’t run in the full cycles it should.

Finally, this problem could also mean that you have a refrigerant leak. If you do, it needs to be fixed immediately. The refrigerant in your system is the crux of the entire cooling process. If your system has a low refrigerant charge and you continue to run it, then you could do irreversible damage to your air conditioner.

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