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How Does a Zone Control System Work?

Summer is on its way here in Garland, TX, and now is the time to consider any maintenance or upgrades to your air conditioning system. It’s tough to face those 100-degree days without one, and while your current system may be able to do the job, it can cost you an arm and a leg in the process. If your system is working well, but you’d like something to provide a few extra options, then we recommend installing a zone control system in your existing AC. It gives you a number of tangible benefits that can serve you quite well this summer.

How It Works

A centralized air conditioning system generates all its cool air in a single source, then blows it through a series of ducts that branch out from the main unit into the various rooms of your home. A zone control system is essentially a series of shutters, installed at key points in your system that divide the home into sections (usually by room, but not always). Each shutter is controlled by a separate thermostat and control panel, and many systems also have a master control system that lets you operate them from a single location: turning the air on and off to each room individually instead of letting the system cool the entire house.

How it Benefits You

The obvious advantage to such a system is that it lets you adjust the temperature in each room individually, letting family members adjust it to suit their tastes. But by extending that principle, you can turn off the air in parts of the home you aren’t occupying while letting it run in the parts you are. That helps you reduce your monthly air conditioning bills a great deal, as well as reducing wear and tear on your system.

Hutchins Plumbing and Air Conditioning can install a zone control system for you!

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