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Attic Fans

Attic Fan Installation and Service in Plano, TX

Putting ceiling fans into homes is one of the jobs that electricians often perform, and we strongly recommend looking into this service as a way to save on your cooling bills each summer. However, there is another part of your home that may need to have fans installed as well, one that you might not have considered: the attic. An attic fan, also known as an attic vent fan or attic exhaust fan, helps to balance the higher heat in the attic with the rest of the house, preventing the heat from seep down from the attic and affecting the rooms where people live.

The place to find professionals to install attic fans in Plano, TX and the surrounding areas is at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning. We have licensed and experienced electricians who can handle the job of getting your fan in place and working the way it should. If your attic fan experiences trouble, you can call us for repairs. We always offer upfront pricing and never charge for overtime.

The Benefits of an Attic Exhaust Fan

At first, the idea of putting a fan in the attic—a place people rarely visit—might seem a bit strange. But the purpose of an attic fan is to exhaust heat and moisture from the attic so that it won’t affect the rest of the house.

Consider how hot an attic can grow during a summer day in Plano, with the sun hammering down on the roof. The temperature can sometimes climb to an unbearable 130°F in this space at the peak of your home. You may not go up into the attic, but the intense heat there can enter into the rooms below, leading to a general rise in temperature that will make people uncomfortable and force you to run the air conditioner too often. An attic vent fan removes this reservoir of heated air and lowers the attic temperature, assisting the insulation in keeping these high temperatures out of your living spaces.

The removal of moisture from the attic also benefits the house. This keeps mold and moisture from developing in the roof and damaging it. On colder days, the attic fan prevents water moisture from freezing and causing cracks in the roof material.

We Offer Attic Fan Installation and Other Services in Plano, TX

The electrical and HVAC experts at Hutchins Plumbing & Air Conditioning will make sure that you have the proper installation of an attic exhaust fan to help keep your home comfortable and your energy bills down. We can also install a solar attic fan, which allows you to harness the very source of the heat—in order to beat the heat. Our technicians are also experienced with handling attic vent fan repairs, replacements, and maintenance.

If you have any further questions about the benefits of attic fans, or you wish to know if the installation of one is a good idea for your home, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. We can answer all your queries and arrange for an appointment to install the attic vent fan that will do the best job for your home. We service all of Grayson and Collin Counties.